Gingham Mask


The 100% of the benefits will be donated to two Spanish charities that we care about: Fundación PAN Y PECES and AMANTANÍ ONG. These organisations have been doing an amazing work both in Spain and in Peru.


PAN Y PECES (MADRID, SPAIN) is helping all these families in need of food so every month we make sure they can nourish their self and the whole family. AMANTANÍ ONG, (CUZCO, PERU) is working since 1997 to be able to welcome all the little ones who are abandoned or doesn’t have a family. During all these years they’ve grown and helped 1450 boys and girls ❤️


Thank you for your support! Anything else you want to know we are here to tell you. This is a beautiful project for us and I hope you are also happy to collaborate. The ones receiving your help are very grateful.

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Dimensions 20 × 30 × 5 cm

Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink