Woman posing in a square cut sleeveless shirt and matching white pants.
Model wearing a short-sleeved bell-bottom style shirt and white pants with red details.
Woman in white short-sleeved, square-cut shirt with white pants at the waist
  • Girl with long sleeve shirt with bow detail at the neck and long skirt mindi style
  • Blonde woman wearing a long-sleeved blue striped button-down shirt and a high-waisted skirt
  • Model with long-sleeved blue striped shirt and long tricolor skirt

Woman wearing a long-sleeved shirt with large red buttons and pants with colorful dots
  • Model posing in pink and white striped pajamas.
  • Woman in white button-down blazer and white and pink striped pants
  • Model posing with the La Veste hat bag
  • Model posing with Bibi Carel x La Veste bag

Model wearing a vintage La Veste logo shirt and white shorts with red trim.

Blonde woman posing with a denim top, yellow embroidered denim pants and white shoes.
Model with top and denim pants

  • Model with long-sleeved shirt and high-waist jeans
  • Woman in denim overalls and long sleeve striped shirt with collar detailing
  • Woman in denim shirt and long skirt with colored details
  • Woman in denim jacket and long skirt
  • Blonde woman with blazer and denim skirt