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Welcome to the website www.lavestelaveste.com (“lavestelaveste.com”). If you continue to browse and use this website, as well as purchase an lavestelaveste.com product, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of use.
Products purchased in www.lavestelaveste.com are sold directly by B2MO STUDIO S.L., (“B2MO STUDIO S.L.”), also “Us”, “We”. B2MO STUDIO S.L. is a Spanish company whose registered address is CALLE MONTE ESQUINZA 34, 7A, 28010 MADRID, Spain. NIF B88366596

You can contact B2MO STUDIO S.L. through our Customer Service by sending an e-mail to hello@lavestelaveste.com anytime from Monday to Friday from 9a.m. to 6.30 p.m. GMT+1.

1. Our Sales Policy

1.1 B2MO STUDIO S.L. sells products through lavestelaveste.com exclusively to consumers who are 18 years old or above and only for non-commercial and lawful purposes. If you are not using this site for your own personal use, we invite you to abstain from carrying out commercial transactions on this site.

1.2 B2MO STUDIO S.L. reserves the right not to process or accept an order carried out by those who do not comply with the above point.

1.3 All offers, orders, purchases and deliveries made through this website shall be subject to these Online Shopping Terms and Conditions.

2. Types of users and how to order

2.1 You will find information about the products and services offered and how to get them in our website. In order for us to be able to process your order, you will provide the information required and will be bound by the present Terms and Conditions, in whichever version is published at the time of access to the website. Your information will be incorporated into a database property of B2MO STUDIO S.L., and will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You will not receive news, promotional or special offers without your prior consent. Parts of the website are accesible to users who are not carrying out a purchase. These Terms and Conditions are also binding to those people who are not purchasing from our website.

2.2. Before going ahead with the purchase of the products and sending us the order form, you will be required to read and accept the present Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you keep a copy of the Terms and Conditions for future reference.

2.3. To order one or more products in lavestelaveste.com, you must follow the steps of the ordering process, fill in the required information, confirm the purchase of the products in the shopping cart and carry out the payment for the order. Once the purchase of the products in the cart is confirmed, you will be given all the information pertaining to the order in process (including delivery costs to the relevant address) and all corresponding contractual information.

2.4 If you purchase products on our website you agree to pay at the time of purchase. The order will not be processed until B2MO STUDIO S.L. receives confirmation of payment.

2.5 When you place an order with lavestelaveste.com, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order and containing the details of your order, such as the price, delivery costs, form of payment, delivery address, and any other details regarding your order.

2.6 B2MO STUDIO S.L. reserves the right not to process orders made by those who do not have sufficient guarantee of solvency, orders which are incomplete or incorrect, orders that are not confirmed within 48 hours or where the selected products are not available. B2MO STUDIO S.L. will send an email to the user stating that the order has not been processed correctly andspecifying the reasons for this. B2MO STUDIO S.L. will reimburse the money paid for the products that are not available.

3. Products and Prices

3.1 Only products from shops owned by B2MO STUDIO S.L. are sold in lavestelaveste.com.

3.2 B2MO STUDIO S.L. reserves the right to decide which products to sell through lavestelaveste.com. B2MO STUDIO S.L. may remove or add products from the online shop at any time.

3.3 The product’s characteristics are shown on the website according to the information given to us by the supplier. Despite the care with which we faithfully reproduce the images and colors of the products, they may differ slightly from reality due to particular internet browsers or computer monitors.

3.4 Several of the products offered in lavestelaveste.com are exposed in any of the physical stores, being able to show minimal imperfections.

3.5 Prices are shown in euros (€).

3.6 Product prices are subject to change. The prices applied by B2MO STUDIO S.L. to each order will be those current at the time of confirmation of purchase, independent to the day in which the delivery is carried out. You are responsible for checking the price of the product before confirming the order.

3.7 lavestelaveste.com ships worldwide with NACEX, UPS, DHL or alternative companies. lavestelaveste.com does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. As per International Laws regulating Commerce and Trade of imports and exports all lavestelaveste.com orders are shipped out of Madrid – Spain with an official pro-forma invoice declaring the exact total of merchandise purchased in euros (€). It is illegal to declare lower values or the items as gifts as per international import regulations.

3.8 Shipping rates may vary, depending on the promotions lavestelaveste.com want to apply at one time or another; or changes in the rates given by the transport companies.

4. Methods of payment

4.1 If you purchase products on the website, you agree to pay at the moment of confirmation of purchase.

4.2 Payment of the product and delivery costs can be done by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON and others). B2MO STUDIO S.L. agrees to use the most effective and safe methods available to transfer the data and payment of each transaction. All credit card transactions on this site will be processed using a secure online payment gateway that encrypts your details in a secure server.

4.3 In the case user chooses payment by bank transfer, no additional charges may be adjudicated to B2MO STUDIO S.L. Being the user in charge of affording all extra costs. Transfers should be made to the following account: Account number : 0030 1003 21 0004781271 Company : B2MO STUDIO S.L. Bank : SANTANDER Branch address : C/ Reina Victoria , 19 4º 1ª, 08021 . Barcelona, Spain IBAN: ES1600301003210004781271. SWIFT: ESPC ESMM

4.4 All credit card information will be transferred through a secure protocol to Banco Santander or other banks in charge of supplying the respective remote payment services. There can be no third party access. This information will never be used by B2MO STUDIO S.L. other than to complete the sales process initialized by you, reimburse returns and inform the police in case of fraud or possible fraud in lavestelaveste.com.

4.5 In orders paid through the credit company Paga+Tarde ( only available on purchases made in Spain) personal and financial information will be transferred through a secure protocol with no third party access. Paga +Tarde reserves the right to refuse the credit, based on the user’s particular characteristics. In this case, lavestelaveste.com perform is subject to what the credit company decides regarding to the credit acceptance.

4.6 Payment will be debited and cleared from your account upon confirmation of your order.

4.7 B2MO STUDIO S.L. will send you an email confirming your purchase within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of payment, with your order number. This confirmation will not be valid as invoice but only as proof of purchase.

4.8 The invoice corresponding to your purchase will be available in lavestelaveste.com, in the section “My Account: Orders”. It will also be included inside the delivery package.

4.9 Credit card fraud is a crime and B2MO STUDIO S.L. will prosecute anyone who carries out a false credit card transaction in our shop.

5. Shipping and Delivery

5.1 B2MO STUDIO S.L. agrees to deliver the products in perfect condition. B2MO STUDIO S.L. does not allow address modification when package has already left the facilities. So as to optimise the delivery service, we recommend that you give us an address where the goods can be delivered to during working hours.

5.2 We will not be responsible for errors in delivery where the delivery address is wrong, has been omitted or customer changes during its transit.

5.3 The maximum delivery time is thirty (30) days, as established by law. However, the usual delivery time for standard shipping is 1-2 working days in Spain and Portugal, 5 days in Europe and 2-5 working days for the rest of the world counting from the day user receives the dispatch notification .

  • These times are average and therefore only an estimate. Delivery times may vary due to logistics or force majeure. B2MO STUDIO S.L. will inform clients as soon as possible in case of delay.
  • The order will be considered as delivered when the delivery company hands you the order, in accordance to the delivery company´s own control system.
  • When there is a delay in delivery for which B2MO STUDIO S.L. is accountable, you can cancel your order according to the procedure described in the “Returns” section. In this case, you will not be accountable for the delivery and returns costs. It is not deemed a delay in delivery if the order arrived on time but was not delivered due to causes accountable to the user.
  • B2MO STUDIO S.L. is not responsible for possible delays that may be generated in the customs of each country.

5.4 B2MO STUDIO S.L. will send you an email when the order has been dispatched. The email will also feature the order number and the tracking number when delivery company has previously provided one.

5.5 The delivery company will leave a voucher showing how to proceed to arrange for a new delivery time if you are absent at the original time of delivery.

5.6 You should contact us if the order has not arrived within 7 working days from dispatch. If you do not contact us, the order will be returned to B2MO STUDIO S.L.’s warehouse 10 days from dispatch and you will be accountable for the delivery and return costs, as well as any possible administration costs that may arise. B2MO STUDIO S.L. is not responsible for any delays that may arise in customs of each country.

5.7 If delivery has not been carried out due to loss of the order, our delivery company will start an investigation. The delivery company´s response times are between one and three weeks on average. B2MO STUDIO S.L. will contact you to decide whether to cancel the order and pay back any costs incurred so far (such as the product and delivery costs), or whether to send out a new order at no extra cost.

5.8 You must check that the package is in good order at the time of delivery and before the representative of the delivery company, indicating any anomalies in the delivery note. If the order has suffered any blows, breakages or imperfections during transit, you must contact B2MO STUDIO S.L. via email within 48 hours to begin the returns process. Before shipping, each and every item is subject to an exhaustive quality control, where our logistics team carefully checks the product and take pictures of it , making sure that complies the standards to be handed to our customers. This information must be kept in mind when users inform about a damaged or defected item delivered.

5.9 All fragrances are liquid and therefore considered “Dangerous Mercahndise” by the courier companies. For this, they cannot be sent by air and will be delivered only to the countries within the European Union.

6. Guarantee.

6.1 Users benefit from a 2-year-warranty issued by the manufacturer on all of the products sold in lavestelaveste.com. All items offered in lavestelaveste.com are 100% authentic.

6.2 In the event that a product bought in lavestelaveste.com gets spoiled in less than three months from receiving the item, this will be considered as defective and may be returned to be repaired with the supplier.

6.3 Once ítem is received in the premises of B2MO STUDIO S.L., it will go through a proper quality inspection. Failure to submit any other damage previously reported, item shall be sent to the supplier for reparation.

6.4 After the product in question is repaired, item will be returned to the premises of B2MO STUDIO S.L. and in turn will be sent back to the user. The term of repair depends on the supplier, never being responsible lavestelaveste.com by that term.

6.5 Costs of return for repair and the subsequent return to the customer is at consumer’s charge, except as having received a defective or wrong product.

6.6 Items received defective or incorrect must be informed to lavestelaveste.com within 48 hours and may be returned within 15 (fifteen) days as stipulated in the current Return Policy. It will be available to the user whether to opt for an exchange for another product or a full refund of the amount paid.

6.7 Any imperfections due to incorrect usage or manipulation of the products or wear and tear produced by normal use of the products, are not under guarantee. Before shipping, each and every item is subject to an exhaustive quality control, where our logistics team carefully checks the product and take pictures of it , making sure that complies the standards to be handed to our customers. This information must be kept in mind when users inform about a damaged or defected item delivered.

6.8 Discounted products may have slight marks due to normal use given by exposure in any of our physical stores. This may be one of the reasons why such a product is lowered in pice, and will not be considered as tare or defective.

7. Returns and exchanges

7.1 You have fourteen (15) natural days from date of delivery to to request the return of the order. (Article 44 of 7/1996, 15 January, Retailers Regulations, modified in 47/2002, 19 December). For this purpose, all users must send an email to hello@lavestelaveste.com specifying the reasons for the return. Once confirmation is received from lavestelaveste.com’ team user will also get a label from the courier and a pro-forma invoice to enclose onto the package for the pick-up (in case the user is located outside the European Union).
EIn case the user is located within Spain or Portugal , returns are free of charge in orders over 200 euros and will be processed by B2MO STUDIO S.L. directly. Otherwise, returns will be charged according to our shipping and return rates. You can check them on this link lavestelaveste.com will reimburse the payment within thirty (30) days. lavestelaveste.com reserve the right to not accept returns in some cases, such as lingerie or swimwear.

7.2 Users are accountable for the costs of the return, unless the goods are defective or incorrect.

7.3 In order for a return to be accepted, the products to be returned must comply with the following:

  • It must be in the same state in which it was delivered and must have the original labels and packaging.
  • It must be returned using the same protective cardboard box in which it was received, or if this is not possible, a similar protective box is acceptable to ensure that the product arrives in our warehouse safely.
  • The receipt note must be included in the package.

7.4 If you have complied with the requirements of the above, B2MO STUDIO S.L. will proceed to the reimbursement. The costs that can be generated in customs of each country will be or not reinstated in accordance with the laws of each office knowing is not B2MO STUDIO S.L. who IS charging them (which is why all items that are purchased outside the EU are exempt from VAT).

7.5 All returned items destined to get exchanged must be done no later than fourteen (15) days for any item available in www.lavestelaveste.com after receipt of the returned product.

7.6 Returns not carried out within a maximum of fourteen (15) days after receiving the confirmation from B2MO STUDIO S.L. may be rejected.

7.7 Items ordered on demand exclusively for the user may be returned or exchanged in accordance to the current return policy but no cash refunds will be made.
In that case, in-store credit voucher will be expedited to be spent on any of our shops. They can be checked in thislink

7.8 Home products cannot be exchanged or returned.

8. Customer Service

8.1 For any clarification, incident or complaint, you can contact the Customer Service by phone (+34) 91 059 6002 from Monday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. GMT+1. Or, by email to hello@lavestelaveste.com anytime. Complaint forms available in our flagship store in C/ Reina Victoria , 19 4º 1ª, 08021. Barcelona, Spain.

9. Right of withdrawal (applies only to shipments within Spain)

9.1 You are entitled to withdraw from this contract within 15 calendar days without any reason needed.

9.2 The withdrawal period will expire after 15 calendar days from the day you or a third party indicated by you, other than the delivery man, has acquired the physical possession of the goods.

9.3 To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify B2MO STUDIO S.L. (hello@lavestelaveste.com or CALLE MONTE ESQUINZA 34, 7A, 28010, MADRID) its decision to withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal statement (eg, an email or a letter sent by mail). You may use the withdrawal form model below provided, although its use is not mandatory.

9.4 To meet the withdrawal period it is sufficient that the communication concerning the exercise by you of this right is sent before the expiry of the deadline.

9.5 Consequences of withdrawal: in case of withdrawal on your part, we will refund all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the additional costs resulting from the choice of a different shipping method more expensive than the ordinary delivery offered) without undue delay and in any event no later than 15 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We proceed to carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment used by you for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly provided otherwise; in any case, will not incur any fees as a result of repayment.

9.6 You should assume the direct cost of returning the goods. We may withhold reimbursement until godos are received back or you have supplied evidence of repayment thereof, depending on which condition is met first.

9.7 Only you are responsible for the diminished value of the goods resulting from a different use than the necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods received.
Withdrawal form model:
(Only complete and return this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

  • Attn. B2MO STUDIO S.L. (By email hello@lavestelaveste.com or mail to CALLE MONTE ESQUINZA 34, 7A, 28010, MADRID, Spain):
  • I hereby inform you that I give up my contract of sale of the following goods.
  • Received:
  • Name of consumer:
  • Address of the consumer:
  • Signature of consumer (only if this form is notified on paper):
  • Date:

10. Intellectual property and industrial rights

10.1 All elements and content of lavestelaveste.com and each one of the products, such as images, photographs, text, music, sounds, videos, documents, logos and any other material in any format published in lavestelaveste.com (including menus, web pages, outlines, colours, graphs, tools, characters, the design of the website, diagrams, structure, the selection, order and presentation of content, methods, processes, functions and programming that are a part of lavestelaveste.com) are protected by national intellectual property and other laws safeguarding the intellectual and industrial rights of B2MO STUDIO S.L. and lavestelaveste.com The website is considered a computer program and as such is also protected by intellectual property and industrial rights legislation.
Your use of the site and its contents grants no rights to you in relation to any copyright, designs, trademarks and any other intellectual property and material rights relating to the content.

10.2 You cannot reproduce, transform, change, disassemble, carry out inverse engineering, distribute, rent, loan, facilitate, allow public access through any media, or carry out any other action forbidden by law regarding intellectual property and industrial rights, on any of the elements referred to in the above paragraph without the consent of B2MO STUDIO S.L. You must use the materials, elements, content and information to which you have access through lavestelaveste.com, only for your own needs, and you agree not to commercially exploit the above elements either directly or indirectly.

11. Note on content

11.1 B2MO STUDIO S.L. has taken all possible measures to ensure that lavestelaveste.com does not publish content depicting scenes of physical or psychological violence, or any scenes which may be considered harmful to civic principles, human rights or human dignity in any of its forms or expressions.

11.2 B2MO STUDIO S.L. has taken every precaution to ensure that content in lavestelaveste.com is correct and up-to-date relative to its publication on the website (and if possible thereafter).

11.3 Though B2MO STUDIO S.L. tries to guarantee continual access to the website, the dynamic character of the internet and its content, may not allow lavestelaveste.com to operate without interruptions whilst updating the website. B2MO STUDIO S.L. cannot guarantee that the website will operate continuously and without interruptions, defects or errors, due to your internet connection. If any problem should arise during access to lavestelaveste.com, please contact our Customer Services department or send an email to info@ekseption.net. An lavestelaveste.com operative will be at your disposal to provide assistance and help you to access the website whenever possible.

11.4 B2MO STUDIO S.L. has adopted the adequate technical and organisational measures to safeguard the security of its services in lavestelaveste.com and the integrity of data relative to electronic communication and traffic, protecting them against non authorised use or knowledge. We have also adopted measures to avoid the risk of dispersion, destruction or loss of information or data, reserved or un reserved, pertaining to the user and those present in lavestelaveste.com, to prevent non authorised access or that which is does not conform to the current law and legislation to the abovementioned information.

11.5 You are solely responsible for your own conduct on access to the site as well as during access. Therefore you are solely responsible before B2MO STUDIO S.L. and third parties of:

  • Any consequences derived from illicit use of content within the net, developed or not by B2MO STUDIO S.L., officially published or not under our name;
  • As well as the consequences derived from any use contrary to the present document and harmful to third party interests or rights, or which in any way could harm, render useless or deteriorate the website or its services or prevent other users from enjoying it normally.

11.6 B2MO STUDIO S.L. reserves the right to update content at any time and to eliminate, limit or prevent access to it, temporarily or definitively, as well as deny access to the webpage to those who misuse content and/or do not comply with the conditions outlined herein.

11.7 B2MO STUDIO S.L.does not guarantee:

  • Uninterrupted access to the website or linked websites or that they are free of error.
  • That the content or software accessed by you through the website or linked websites does not have any errors, viruses or other elements in content that could alter your computer systems, electronic documents or files, or cause any other damage
  • The exploitation of information or content of the website or linked websites for your own personal use.

12. Links with other websites

12.1 lavestelaveste.com may contain hyperlinks (known as “links”) with other websites that are not related in any way to lavestelaveste.com or B2MO STUDIO S.L.

12.2 The object of the links is to help you during searches and browsing and to enable hypertext connections to other websites. The activation of the links does not imply any recommendation or suggestion by B2MO STUDIO S.L. regarding these websites or any guarantee regarding their content, services or goods supplied and sold to the users of the Internet.

12.3 B2MO STUDIO S.L. does not control these websites or their content, nor do they monitor them in any way. We cannot be considered responsible for the content of these websites nor for the rules adopted with regards to the privacy of the user or how they treat personal information whilst browsing.

12.4 B2MO STUDIO S.L. does not control these websites or their content, nor do they monitor them in any way. We cannot be considered responsible for the content of these websites nor for the rules adopted with regards to the privacy of the user or how they treat personal information whilst browsing.

13. Privacy

13.1 We urge you to read our Privacy Policy carefully if browsing lavestelaveste.com even if you are not going to make a purchase.

14. Updating and changing the Terms and Conditions

14.1 B2MO STUDIO S.L. reserves the right to change the present Terms and Conditions at any time and without notifying you. You are solely responsible for reading them as a prerequisite to purchasing any product from lavestelaveste.com. The Terms and Conditions published at the time of purchase will be the ones considered valid and applicable.

14.2 If any clause within the present Terms and Conditions is declared null and void, the rest of the clauses will remain valid and will be interpreted taking into account each party and the purpose of the present Conditions. B2MO STUDIO S.L. does not have to exercise any of the rights and faculties conferred in this document, which does not, in any case, imply the rejection of these unless it is expressly stated by B2MO STUDIO S.L., or through the legal application corresponding to each case.

15. Applicable legislation and conflict resolution

15.1 The present Terms and Conditions are ruled by Spanish legislation. Specifically. Law 7/1998, 13 April, on the General Conditions for Contracts (Condiciones Generales de Contratación), the Legislative Decree 1/2007, 16 November, which approves the General Law for Consumer and User Rights (Ley General para la Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios) and other complementary laws, the Royal Decree 1906/1999, 17 December 1999 that regulates Telephone or Electronic Contracts with general conditions (Contratación Telefónica o Electrónica con condiciones generales), the Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, for the protection of personal data (Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal), Law 7/1996, 15 January for the Regulation of Retailers (Ordenación del Comercio Minorista) and Law 34/2002, 11 July, for Services for the Information Society and electronic commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico).

15.2 To resolve any controversy or conflict derived from the present Terms and Conditions, B2MO STUDIO S.L. will submit to the criteria established by law applicable to consumers and users.