About us

In 2018, Spanish stylist Blanca Miro and designer Maria de la Orden decided to join forces to create their fashion line called La Veste, the french word for blazer.

The main inspiration was the vintage aesthetic, which reflects in the free yet harmonious combination of colors (pink, yellow, green…), stripes and checkered patterns, mix of textures: cotton, wool, fake fur, velvet… and the distinguishable choice of interiors and buttons.

La Veste is handmade and responsible, moreover, it is MADE IN SPAIN.

La Veste has an extravagant character: out of the order, non contaminated; breezy, free, daring, funny, optimistic, happy and fresh.

Women that wear La Veste like fashion and art ; they value the eclectic uniqueness of its designs and the exclusivity of a quality piece; La Veste is open to any woman that wants to strenghten her awareness of being herself and differentiate from the rest.

La Veste aims at setting a new Standard; being an outsider inside the fashion world, far from usual trends, culminating in a different and daring final product.