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To celebrate the arrival of summer, Carel teams up with La Veste for a colorful (and striped) collaboration!

The Kina, the iconic Carel baby with a vintage Parisian touch.

Revisited here in the colors of La Veste to mark the collaboration between the two brands, the Kina is constantly changing to let you express yourself with ever greater freedom. And don't forget the 3 straps, which you can cross and uncross as you please!

Its 4 cm trotter heel and 100% made-in-Italy craftsmanship are a promise of comfort and durability for urban women everywhere. They make the Kina a sure bet for all occasions and all seasons, and can be found on the feet of Louane, Alexa Chung, Sasha Spielberg... We offer sizes 28 to 42, and you can find our kina on your children's feet with the kina kid version.


Purple, green and blue leather babies.

  • Triple Strap.
  • 4cm heel. 


For slim feet, choose a half-size smaller. For larger feet, keep your usual size.




Patent Leather. Leather sole. Leather lining.

Care instructions

Before enjoying your Carel shoes, remember to remove the plastic film protecting your outsole. Our patent shoes are already treated and waterproofed. Patent leather requires regular maintenance: - Place raw wooden shoe trees, ideally beech, in your shoes to absorb moisture. - Keep them away from dust and sources of heat, in a cabinet or shoebox. - Clean, moisturize and polish them once or twice a month (! leather cream is forbidden!). TIP: Don't expose them to heat sources such as the hair dryer or radiator; the leather may crack.

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